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A lot of Field Notes users are very opinionated about their writing instruments. Many love fountain pens and other prefer pencils. Some love the Space Pen for it’s size and ability to write anywhere, anyway. Bullet pencils seem to be all of the rage these days, as well as those pencil whose eraser looks kinda like a paint brush. I’ve got a lot to learn about this area. As I work through each colors edition I’ll be mixing up my pens and pencils to share how the paper handles each. But on any given day, these are my go-to pens:

  • Ohto Graphic Liner – More than any other pen, I love this one. It’s waterproof and fade proof. There seems to be such a richnesses to the black color of the ink.
  • Sakura Pigma Micron – I am a big fan of these pens. Though I love fine points, I find the 005 a bit too fine, and it seems that they get worn down rather quickly. Still, I love this pen.
  • Uniball Jetstream – The Jetstream surprised me. It looks so…well…normal. But it’s super smooth and dries quickly.
  • Lamy Al-star – The Lamy has been my first foray into fountain pens. I have the Medium, but I plan on switching to a finer nib when I run out of ink. I also really want the Copper Lamy Al-star with some similarly colored ink.


I’d love to know what your favorite pens/pencils are! Which ones would you like to see used on the blog? Share it in the comments!

About me

I'm just a guy who loves Field Notes Brand notebooks. I'm on a journey to use one of each edition, starting with FNC-27 Workshop Companion. I'll end up eventually using the first colors edition, the coveted Butcher Orange. I am not affiliated with Field Notes, I just love to use their notebooks.

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