Initial Field Notes Rankings

I thought it’d be fun to start with my current rankings of Colors Editions before beginning my quest to use 1 of each Colors Edition. To be fair, though I have every edition, some are still in the plastic, so most of this is based on looks, and probably skewed towards books I’ve already used. As I blog through every edition I write, I’ll create a new rankings list thats all-encompasing: design, feel, paper, wear, how it interacts with various pens and pencils….it will be a much more complete review. For now, I’m going mainly on looks and what I know so far.

The Pre-Journey Ranking: 

  1. Drink Local (Specifically the Ales) – They wear so good and hold up to heavy usage!
  2. Grass Stain Green – I just received one, and the green graph is really cool. Can’t wait to use it!
  3. Packet of Sunshine – I’ve not actually used these yet, but I love the bright colors outside and the yellow graph. Also the coolest add-on in the colors editions!
  4. County Fair – These were lower on my list till I opened a pack. I LOVE the linen cover, the colors are great, and it’s wearing soooo nicely! They feel great in your hands.
  5. Mackinaw Autumn – Love, love, love the colors and theme. The red/darker orange is my favorite.
  6. Workshop Companion – These books are beautiful! The most complete design, right down to the inside of the box they come in!
  7. Day Game – Baseball theme…so fun. I love pretty much any white Field Note I’ve seen. Can’t wait to break open this pack
  8. American Tradesman – Also haven’t opened this yet, but it feels great through the package, and I love the graph from pictures I’ve seen.
  9. Ambition – Quirky edition with some great uses. Love the gilding! Makes them feel very high-end.
  10. National Crop – Such a great idea, great extras, fun pack. Wish I had more than 1 set to use.
  11. Northerly – I only have a single, and I haven’t used it yet, but I have a feeling the glossy cover is going to wear really nice, and the paper is a fun color! But how will it affect writing in it?
  12. Fire Spotter – I’ve used Red Blooded and liked it, so I think I’ll enjoy this one as well.
  13. Unexposed – I wish they were a little more rugged, but the + grid is cool, and it wears similar to Drink Locals.
  14. Raven’s Wing – I feel like when I actually take these out of the package, they’re going to skyrocket up the list like County Fair did for me. Can’t wait to feel them.
  15. America the Beautiful – I love the design, so cool! I don’t love lined paper. I haven’t opened these yet but feel like I’ll like them more once I use them.
  16. Butcher Orange – I just like orange. More orange please!
  17. Just Below Zero – I love the graph in this edition too. I only have 1 book, but kinda middle of the road for me.
  18. Traveling Salesman – Again, I haven’t used these but I do like the concept. Hard to get a pack so niche. What happens if I don’t like the pages for my every day use?
  19. Night Sky – I like the concept, but I’m kinda indifferent. I haven’t opened a pack of these yet, but I’ve enjoyed Pitch Black, so maybe I’ll dig these more when I use them.
  20. Cold Horizon – I like the gradient blue. Feels like winter. We’ll see more once I open it.
  21. Butcher Blue – The appeal for this is the way it’s aging with spots of sorts as it gets older without even using it.
  22. Balsam Fir – I don’t know why these are all the rage. The add-ons were cool, but the books seem rather generic.
  23. Expedition – I haven’t used these yet, but I like the design…the only thing that scares me about them is the paper inside and how quickly or slowly the ink will dry.
  24. Shelterwood – Lined paper is a bummer, but the concept is great. Don’t love that the only pack I’ve opened was stained by the belly band. I guess being exposed to light changes the wood. Still, people have done fun things with wood stains. Maybe I’ll try that. I do like the Cherrywood Graph better.
  25. Arts and Sciences – I love the size! I use them daily as a bullet journal at work…however I hate that half the pages are blank. I’m not a fan of blank pages, and the graph is a little weird. If the Roastery set were the colors edition instead, they’d be ranked much higher.
  26. Two Rivers – Great concept, great cause, great process, but the pages pull away pretty easily from the middle and I don’t love the wear.
  27. Dry Transfer – I’m actually not a huge fan of the craft, so this would be the only edition that I would say I didn’t like at all.
About me

I'm just a guy who loves Field Notes Brand notebooks. I'm on a journey to use one of each edition, starting with FNC-27 Workshop Companion. I'll end up eventually using the first colors edition, the coveted Butcher Orange. I am not affiliated with Field Notes, I just love to use their notebooks.


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Thank for the blog! I do enjoy it already! Keep it up, please.

P.S. It's Fire Spotter, not Fire Starter :)

    Reply June 6, 2015

    Whoops! Thanks!

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