Field Notes Workshop Companion – Staple Day

Staple Day has arrived on my Plumbing No. 05 notebook from the  Field Notes Colors Edition Workshop Companion. It’s the first book in my journey to the Butcher Orange. The notebook is holding up extremely well, which is to be expected from the heavier Kraft-Tone paper. Here’s a quick look as it stands after 10 days of use. I’m really loving this edition. The thick paper has allowed no bleed-through with my usual pens, including my Lamy w/Medium nib, and that includes some pretty heavy application of the fountain pen.

Field Notes_Plumbing 05_Staple Day_Front

Field Notes_Plumbing 05_Staple Day_Back


I really like the way it’s starting to wear through the blue. Unfortunately the wear on the top half doesn’t show through as nicely without a full color application. However, I’m glad it’s starting to look like it’s actually been used. There’s a solid crease that developed on the spine. The cover stays open flat without any resistance when I lay it down.

Field Notes_Plumbing 05_Staple Day Side

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I'm just a guy who loves Field Notes Brand notebooks. I'm on a journey to use one of each edition, starting with FNC-27 Workshop Companion. I'll end up eventually using the first colors edition, the coveted Butcher Orange. I am not affiliated with Field Notes, I just love to use their notebooks.


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