Field Notes Ambition Review

I don’t have a ton to add to the review that I didn’t say in the preview. It’s solid. I love how well loved this book looks! The big crack thats forming, the fact that it’s not even close to straight, the character in the gilding…this is why I love these notebooks. I continue to be a big fan of this edition! Check out this closeup of the title:




This book even wears with sophistication!  The way the gold titling has worn fits right in with the feel of the books. It maintains the class that it started with.

I decided to use this edition to write out highlighted quotes for a book I read so that I could keep it handy for reference as I do some planning for our team at work. The book was Creativity Inc. by Ed Catmull, and I’d highly recommend it for any creative. If only I wrote more legibly…



Though the cover shows some wear, I would love to see how much better it’d look with another month riding in my back pocket.


I’ve been trying to figure out how to describe this edition, and what I keep coming back to is that this edition feels like an old book you’d discover in a small, locally owned book store tucked away in the back corner of a shelf that hasn’t seen the light of day in years. And picking it up for the first time feels like you’re making a great discovery. Andy you are. It wears almost like it’s from a bygone era. It does’t just look used, it looks precious.  Right down to the off-white paper. It just fits.


I can’t see the Ambition Edition moving anywhere but up in my rankings. I know some people felt like the datebook would force their hand at what they used the book for, and I feel it some too, but you don’t have to be bound by whats printed on the paper. If you do, you’re letting this gorgeous edition sneak past you.


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I'm just a guy who loves Field Notes Brand notebooks. I'm on a journey to use one of each edition, starting with FNC-27 Workshop Companion. I'll end up eventually using the first colors edition, the coveted Butcher Orange. I am not affiliated with Field Notes, I just love to use their notebooks.


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