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Here are some resources that I use, and I hope you’ll find useful!

General Field Notes Info:

Field Notes Brand – Of course there’s no better place to start than the official home of Field Notes themselves. You can find lots of info on all of the Colors Editions here: Field Notes Limited Editions

Draplin Design Co. – Great guy, great design!

Tom Fennell’s Field Notes Database – Tom keeps track of every FN he’s heard of. This is an awesome spreadsheet of information on as many editions as he knows about! (Thanks Tom!)


Field Nuts:

Facebook Group – There’s no better place to stay up to date on Field Notes than the Field Nuts Facebook Group. It’s also a great place to connect with people over this obsession. Lots of people are willing to make trades and occasionally sell books from their collections.

Website – This is the official website of Field Nuts, but it’s much less active than the Facebook Group.



Field Notes in the Field: I love this site! It shows pics of Field Notes in use!

Three Staples – Jinnie has a stationary blog that often centers around Field Notes. Her ever growing collection of branded Field Notes has caused me to go on rampant searches for certain Field Notes that I didn’t know existed, such as the AW14 Capsule green on white books. I finally found a set of my own and they’re beautiful! Be sure to check out her Field Notes Collection Gallery and Colors Edition rankings.

The Erasables Podcast – While Field Notes aren’t necessarily the main topic, they are often a topic of discussion. They recently had Bryan Bedell of Field Notes on their show.

Pen Addict Podcast – Again, this podcast doesn’t center around Field Notes, but they’ll often come up. If you’re into pens, this is the place to be.


On-line Stores that I buy from outside of (Mostly these are people active in the Field Nuts community, so feels good to give them business.)

Oxen and Crow – This is one of only a couple of places I know of that have a store-front of singles of older Colors Editions. You know, other than Ebay!

Notegeist – This site is probably the most active reseller of older FN editions. Gary is constantly updating the store with what he has available.

Hedgerow General – The folks at Hedgerow are also active in the Field Nuts, and have thrown in Freebies on orders just because they’re great people.

Zeller Writing Company – More fine Field Nuts people who run a great business and provide us access to Field Notes.